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Custom Tattoo Design

  • Custom Tattoo Design

This is for a custom tattoo design, drawn in my style, which can then be taken elsewhere to be tattooed.

After purchasing, please email the following information to me at ink.and.earth.1@gmail.com :

• Your ideas/story/why youd like a tattoo/what you’d like tattooed.
• The size and placement you have in mind. Sleeves, back pieces and wraparound designs are not possible.
• Any pieces of mine that you are drawn to in particular. You can include screenshots from my website or IG - www.instagram.com
• If you already have an artist in mind who youd like to tattoo this, then please share this with me, but no worries if you dont know.

I make sure to create a design which is possible for most tattooists to work with, usually with a mix of linework and a small amount of dotwork, which would be easy to create with a machine tattoo technique or by hand.

After you share your ideas with me I will respond with some sketches, and then ask for your feedback. We will then communicate throughout the process, developing from sketches into a final design, including any edits needed along the way. But, for entire redraws/ starting the drawing again from scratch, i might ask for extra payment.
I aim to get the design completed within a month of starting, but please let me know if there is a certain date you would like it by and I’ll let you know if it’s possible.

The final design will be emailed on a white background to you once completed. This design is for you only, never to be repeated or sold again.


If you wish to enquire about other forms of design and artwork- logos, packaging, custom illustrations, etc. Please email me directly at ink.and.earth.1@gmail.com